Established in 1997 The Law Practice is one of the principal criminal law defence firms in Sydney.

A boutique law firm with a wealth of experience in all areas of criminal and traffic law offering 24 hour legal assistance and specialising in advocacy, trial work and plea negotiations.

The Law Practice

The Law Practice provides services in all areas of New South Wales and most states and territories of Australia, in the following areas of criminal law:

  • Arrests and illegal stop and searches
  • Bail applications
  • Appeals
  • DUI and PCA’s (drink and drive offences)
  • Drug offences
  • Possession charges
  • Assaults
  • Break and enter, robbery and stealing offences
  • Firearms/prohibited weapons offences
  • Fraud and white collar crime
  • Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court Matters
  • High Court Matters

Martin Ricci is the principal solicitor of The Law Practice. He has built his reputation and practice on principles of the rule of the law and his belief that everyone is entitled to a fair trial. His underlying belief in the cornerstones of our criminal justice system has resulted in him appearing in many high profile -and sometimes-controversial cases.

Martin would advise that if charged with an offence you exercise your right to silence and seek legal advice immediately. Such is his belief in this, that these fundamental rights appear on his business card:

  • DO NOT agree to a search of any kind
  • DO NOT give an interview
  • DO NOT give a statement
  • DO NOT sign anything
  • DO NOT go on video camera
  • DO NOT agree to a forensic procedure
  • DO NOT agree to a line-up

What you should do is call The Law Practice for 24 hour Legal Assistance on 0416 161 624